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Swimming Pool Maintenance Information

The best swimming pools are the ones which are serviced by the most efficient and reliable pool pumps; pool pumps are the heart of a clean pool keeping the water flowing round the system, through the filters and keeping the water clean. Although pool pumps are the heart of a swimming pool arguably you could say the filters are the lungs of a pool; without them the water in your pool would be cloudy and less than inviting to swim and frolic about in.

There are quite literally thousands of pool pumps and filters available and depending on the manufacturer of the system or indeed the age of the system, locating the right filter, pump or other spare parts might be a difficult task. Our unique relationship with many well known pool accessory manufacturers as well as some of the lesser known manufacturers, places us in a position where we can do the hard work for you and locate that difficult to find piece you need.

Alternatively we have a large selection of pool pumps in addition to pool covers, lighting systems and elements as well as liners and treatments. Swimming pools, spas, saunas and hot tubs all require regular preventative maintenance schedules and this is something which doesn’t require teams of experts on site costing a fortune. However, if like many people you're maintenance skills aren't well rounded we can offer a complete maintenance service designed to fit your pool size, installation type and budget.

Keeping your equipment in good working order and carrying out regular filter cleaning and pump inspection will help keep your running costs lower; poorly maintained filters and less than effective pool pumps will increase the energy used and push up your electricity bills pro rata.

If your pool or hot tub is open to the air you'll know how many bugs end up swimming in the water, and it is these pesky little mites which can and frequently do clog filters and cause no end of problems with pumps. Don't take any chances; look after your pool filters with regular cleaning and make sure the pump sounds okay; the first sign of trouble with pool pumps is the sound they make. If they appear to be labouring or making excessive noise, or are emanating a whining sound you seriously need to get it checked out.

Whatever you need for your swimming pool, hot tub or sauna we have it in stock; if it isn't in stock we have a unique search service which will locate the item or items you need. Pool maintenance and cleaning is our business; chances are if we can’t find the part or accessory you require, it probably isn't available; however, that won’t stop us from looking.


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