Swimming Pool Heater

Pools-R-Us sell a range of swimming pool heaters to suit every size pool and budget.

There are a considerable number of different types on the market, Including Certikins “Genie” condensing boiler which can be run on propane or natural gas and the Certikin natural and propane gas heaters. Plastica provide the Zodiac Legacy and Jandy Lite gas heaters, both of these models can be used for both indoor or outdoor use.

Certikin also provide us with the Mk2 oil fired heater, the most comprehensive oil fired pool heater on the market and are suitable for use with all salt water pools.

Electrically there are many models on the market Plastica and Certikin provide us with the “Thermalec” range a heater that is robust, quiet operation, very economic and has thermal efficiency for life. These start at the 9kw. spa heater to the 96kw. swimming pool heater.

Another popular heater that Pools-R-Us provide are the “Elecro” electric heaters, these come with a 2 year on site warranty.

Constructed with titanium heating elements, each model benefits from from a complete compliment of only the highest quality European sourced materials.

We also have in stock various heat exchangers, Certikin and Plasticas own makes plus the industry standard “Elecro and Bowman”.

Heat pumps are becoming very popular and once again there are many popular brand names on the market.The heat pump is now recognized as the most economical and environmentally friendly method of heating.It’s principal allows heating of your swimming pool water,simply using the free and natural air while respecting the environment. Manufacturers include “Calorex, Heatseeker, Eco and Hydro-Pro“.

Finally we come to solar heating although the heating efficiency of solar heating is directly related to climatic conditions and Pools-R-Us are unable to guarantee that solar heating will maintain a constant temperature in your pool and recommend the installation of a secondary source of heat. Plasticaprovide us with the ”Solar Pod” and Certikin provide us with the “X Flow” solar heating.