Pools & Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories

Pools –R-Us are able to bring you an exiting range of swimming pools,that come in various shapes and sizes.

The new Riviera Pool range offers an exceptional choice of pool designs and options. Each pool is delivered to site with full filtration fittings, stainless steel face plates, an automatic pool cover. The Modena and Capri models can be supplied with the optional fun pack which is a flow and massage system. This is an exceptional one piece pool.

Another pool brought to us by Certikin is the Heatwave pool. It’s unique system of heat retaining panels offers a huge savings in running costs and considerably reduces the cost of building.

The Heatwave Pool is ideal for installation by any competent DIY-er or pool builder.

The pool design reduces the size of the excavation required saving valuable time and money. Panels are pre-plumbed with all the fittings required and the pool comes with a liner that is available in a choice of fittings.

Wave goodbye to costly heating bills,the enormous advantage with a “Heatwave”pool is the huge savings that you will make on running costs once the pool is operational.

We are also able to supply Wooden Pools manufactured by both Certikin and Plastica, made from scandanavian redwood to the highest specification .Packages come complete with steps, flow fittings, filtration, cover and a 30thou.liner.

Let Pools-R-Us help you with your choice of pool.

In addition to the above we keep in stock many pool side accessories that include skimmers, vauum points, inlets drains manufactured in both plastic and stainless steel.

We have a range of underwater lights from Certikin and Plastica, Hugo Lahme, Amprod including sealed beam, colour change LED and fibre optic lighting,plus a selection of lamps. There are solar blankets, safety covers, pipes and fittings, pool liners, pool cover rollers and a host of spare parts.

If you are unable to find the spare parts you require contact Pools-R-Us.

Let us do the hardwork and research for you. Please contact us with your enquiries we will be glad to assist.