Pool & Spa Testing

There are two names synonymous with swimming pool and spa water quality.

Plalintest and Lovibond are the market leaders in water quality and Pools-R-Us are able to to provide their test equipment for all budgets..

Swimming pools and spas provide both exercise and enjoyment for a growing number of people throughout the UK. One of the essentials is to provide a safe and healthy bathing environment ensuring the water is maintained in peak condition at all times.

The Palintest and Lovibond methods of testing are well proven tried and tested and simple to use.

The Palintest Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is widely recognized around the world as probably the best photometer on the market.

Other pieces of equipment in this range include the Pooltest 9 and the Pooltest 6 both are quick, accurate and reliable.

There is a complete range of domestic test kits available plus the reagents by Palintest to satisfy every situation.

Lovibond have their own unique brand of test kits, at the higher end of the market we have the TKPL9-Pool control 9 in 1 PC down to their MD100, 3 in 1 Pool control..

Lovibond also have their domestic water balance test kit called Checkit.

In addition to the more sophisticated test kits provided by Palintest and Lovibond there are more simpler methods on the market provided by bothCertikin and Plastica, particularly the Scuba pool tester.

Pools-R-Us also provide electronic pens, these are able to measure pH, TDS. and temperature, salt and RPD/Redox.

Should you have any problems evaluating your testing requirements,please feel free to contact Pools-R-Us.

Pools-R-Us offers an extensive selection of different pool water test kits for testing a variety of different chemical levels and pool water ingredients.

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