Swimming Pool Filters

Pool filters and pumps are vital components for all swimming pools. Pool filters help to keep the water clean and safe for swimming by removing harmful contaminants such as bacteria and fine debris.They are simple effective and require very little attention by removing harmful contaminants such as bacteria and fine debris.

They are simple effective and require very little attention. Pool water is routed through the a sand filled pressure vessel, the sand traps particles large and small…so small they are undetectable to the human eye.

Pools-R-Us provide a range of filters from some of the most respected names in the swimming pool supply industry, whether they be for the domestic or commercial markets.

They range from the “Triton and Tagelus” which were probably the original and still are the industry standard to the “Lacron” commercial sand filter.

Certikn’s “Vision” range of filters offer a remarkable 10 year tank warranty as does the “Hydroswim” RTM range of filters.

In addition to sand as a media there is also a glass filter media supplied by both Cretikin and Plastica. This is environmentally friendly and a viable alternative to sand. It is more efficient and can remove upto 30% more material and pollutants than sand.

Pools-R-Us also able to supply filter cartridges such as “Fulflo, Trimline and Haywar and Sta-Rite, these are easier to maintain than the normal sand filters. To compliment our filter cartridges we also carry spare filters for pool and spas, these include, Amprod, Hayward, Pleatco and many others.

There are a considerable number of filters on the market for any size of pool whether it be domestic or commercial.

There are the lower budget filters like Brasil, Certikin Thermoplastic and Mega all are competitively priced and are really good value for money and perform extremely well.

Filters that command a higher budget the Certikin Deep bed Filter and the Vision Plus Deep bed Filter. The majority of filters come with an integral multiport valve, if you need a new multiport valve or spare parts contact us we have in stock Atika, Tagelus, Lacron, Hydroswim and many others for both top and sidemouth filters.

There is a filter for every budget and every pool at Pools-R-Us. Contact us for all your requirements.

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