Swimming Pool Pumps

Pools-R-Us are able to offer pool pumps from the most respected names in the swimming pool supply industry.
To maintain the perfect pool water from which you and your family will get the most enjoyment you need a good reliable pool pump. They circulate the water and force it through the filter and then return it to the pool after the dirt and debris have been collected. The pool pump helps to prevent algae outbreaks and the build up of debris.
The various pumps from these manufactures vary from the low budget and very reliable Mega brand pumps to the top of the range Pentair and Sta-Rite pumps.
All our pumps whether of the low budget type or the more expensive all come with outstanding features.
Certikin provide us with the popular domestic Aquaspeed and Swimflo pumps.
The environment is of the  utmost importance in today’s world take a look at one of the leading intelligent pumps presently on the market the Sta-Rite Intelliflo pump. The pump monitors the water flow, the electrical current, it ensures the filtration system is operating at optimum efficiency. This means substantial energy savings. The pump is simple to operate it sizes itself to any pool. The Sta-Rite Intelliflo is able to via the in-built control system deliver a cost effective performance previously unknown in the swimming pool industry.
Please look through our web-site and you’ll see there is a pump for every budget plus a range of pump spare parts. If you are unable to find what you need please contact us.
Bosta have introduced a range of Str-Rite swimming pool pumps as a direct replacement for the Pentair Superflo, Ultraflo and Whisperflo pumps.

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