Water Treatment Chemicals

There are many different types of indoor and outdoor pools. Each pool size may differ in water cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Pools-R-Us offer a comprehensive range of water treatment products to suit any budget.

For many years Chlorine and Bromine have been the standard today modern technology has brought the world of electronics to pool water treatment.

Pools-R-Us supply chemicals from Plastica, the brand name is Relax. This range of pool chemicals is one of the most popular and respected on the market today.

The list of chemicals supplied by Plastica and the brand Relax provides a solution for all pool problems and all are reasonably priced at Pools-R-Us.

They include:

Relax Algicide – Destroys existing Algae.
Relax Energise sachets – Revitalises pool and spa water.
Relax pH Minus and Plus – Controls the pH of your pool water.
Relax Chlorine tablets.
Relax granular shock.
The list is endless

If you are not sure of your requirements contact us at Pools-R-Us for free friendly advice.

Certikin also supply us with their brands which are equally popular, the Swimfresh and Fi-Clor range of water treatment products.

In addition to chemicals there are other water treatment methods on the market. Certikin provide us with the “Prozone combined ozone salt chlorinator”, which generates a consistent chlorine residual.

Also in the Certikin portfolio is The Blue Lagoon UV system, this offers the benefits of UV treatment and ionization to provide crystal clear swimming pool water without the use of chemicals and still kill harmful bacteria. They also have the Aligator and Puronizer which work by harmlessly charging ions in the water which in turn creates a residual disinfectant/algaescide throughout the whole pool. These give considerable savings over conventional chemicals.

Certikin also provide us with Zodiac and Autopilot salt chlorine generators. So whether it be electronic or the more conventional Chlorine or Bromine contact Pools-R-Us for helpand friendly advice.

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