Spas, Saunas & Hot Tubs

Spas, Saunas & Hot Tubs

Your spa or sauna are a great addition to your home. Either of these will provide hours of fun,relaxation and entertainment for family and friends.

Pools-R-Us have everything you require to be able to create a relaxing environment whether it be for a spa or sauna.

One of our suppliers Plastica has recently entered the market and have introduced the Isauna. These come in hand crafted genuine cedar. These products are really outstanding value and come complete with LED reading lights, stereo MP3/CD player,stereo speakers and infrared heaters.

They are available in 2 person units, 3-4 person units and finally a 4 person unit.

Whilst another of our suppliers Certikin provide the Harvia and Tranquility range of saunas. The Harvia Variant range offers superb quality that you would expect from Harvia, these saunas have been designed for your wellness needs. The package includes glass door, upper and lower benches an equipment pack of light,  lampshade,bucket, ladle, sand glass, thermometer plus the heater and stones.

Polls-R-Us are able to supply the equipment pack plus fragrances as individual items if need be. We also supply control panels and heaters for both commercial and domestic spas.

Our spa selection is provided by Certikin and includes the Ocean Swimspa, with this particular spa you can enjoy a pool and spa in just 5m. of space.

Other spas we provide via Certikin are the Caldera range of spas, the Riviera domestic inground spas and the Iberspa range plus commercial spas byCertikn and Iberspa.

In addition we supply miscellaneous spa fittings, cleaning products, chemicals and filters and their elements.

There is a complete range of pumps and blowers available through Pools-R-Us, these include the manufacturers ITT, BVC and Hayward cartridge filters

When purchasing a sauna or spa, comfort and relaxation are high on the list of must haves, therefore come to Pools-R-Us for all your needs.